Members of the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum are:

The Union of Chambers and Industry of Albania

The Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania(UCCIAL) is dedicated to fostering community prosperity and improving the quality of life through cooperation, promotion, to advice on business start-ups and give professional assistance for the member companies and in particular promote investment and the development of Albania’s economy, as well as, enhancing economic benefits and provides networking opportunities for the members. The main UCCIAL activities are representing the interests of business community in front of the state authorities and institutions, carrying out the public powers by the issuance of various documents, improvement of the international economic relations and promotion of the economy both in the country and abroad. The UCCIAL core purpose is to serve its members as an advocate for all their business needs, while providing networking and educational opportunities all in the interest of making the Balkan Region a better place to live, work, stay or play. Representing all the Chambers of Commerce in Albania, the scope and impact of UCCIAL covers the entire country.

Our Mission: “Welcoming Businesses, Unifying the Community, Creating Possibilities”.

Contact person: Uarda Llazi
M: +355 (0) 44500221
E: info@uccial.al

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Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FTC B&H) is a non-governmental, non-profit association functioning to develop and improve economic relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy abroad. FTC B&H represents interests of its members, corporations and industrial associations before Government and international chambers of commerce and other economic associations and organizations. Main goals of the Chamber are to increase production and exports as well as to introduce the EU and international standards into the country’s economic systems.

FTC B&H provides information on Bosnia and Herzegovina market; discovery of the products on offer; identification of the production capabilities and contact of companies; organization of company visits; B2B meetings; analysis of specific economic branches including measures for improvement and development of their performances; foreign trade statistics by countries and by type of goods; professional education programs for entrepreneurs; analysis, information and advisory regarding the macroeconomic situation, trends and expectations, business and investment environment and legislation, international agreements and other relevant issues.

Contact person: Enes Ališković
Phone: +387 33 566 230
E-mail: enes.aliskovic@komorabih.ba

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Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC)

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) is a leading business association in Kosovo. Established in 1962 from the Assembly of Kosovo, it is the legal representative of the interests of the business community in Kosovo. Kosovo Chamber of Commerce is a non for profit, independent organization with no political affiliation. KCC is organized and works under the objective of improving the market economy, entrepreneurship and triggering competition between its members. It seeks to advocate and represent at its best the interests of its members, to advice on business start-ups and give professional assistance for the member companies and in particular promote investment and the development of Kosovo’s economy.

Its presence throughout Kosovo is established through its regional offices in Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren, Gjakove, Peje and Mitrovice. According to the law on the establishment of KCC, membership is on a voluntary basis. KCC consists of two main departments, thirty associations and over 15,000 registered members.

Chamber members are associations that operate in different sectors of the economy including Technology, Telecommunications, Construction, Banking and Insurance, Metal Processing, Wood Processing, Food and Beverages Processing etc. Kosovo Chamber of Commerce has been certified with the ISO 9001-2008 and is committed in ensuring good quality management practices and delivering services that satisfy the member’s expectations.

Contact person: Olivera Ceni
T: +37745616606
E: Olivera.ceni@oek-kcc.org

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Economic Chamber of North Macedonia

The Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, as a business and professional association which reconciles, represents and protects the interests of its members, is the biggest and the most representative business association in the country, with 96 years tradition. The basic task of the chamber is the representation of the interests of the economy in all its spheres, with the aim of accomplishing successful results in the operation of the enterprises both in domestic and foreign markets, increasing the competitiveness, upgrading the quality, the professional training of personnel, the technical-technological development, the promotion and representation activities and information linking, being the essential prerequisites for developing the trade with foreign countries and promoting investment opportunities.

The Chamber members realize their interests both directly through the 20 Branch associations, 16 Regional chambers, Foreign Investors Council, clubs and business councils, and indirectly through the bodies of the Chamber. The Economic Chamber of North Macedonia is a member of Eurochambers, ICC, the Association of the Balkan Chambers, EUROELECTRIC, FIATA, EBF, etc.

Contact: Milena Perchinkova
Т (+389) 2 3244040
E milena@mchamber.mk

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Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is an independent, professional organization that associates the all commercial entities in Montenegro on mandatory basis in conformity to Law on Chamber of Economy. Chamber advocates business community interests through both legal initiatives toward government bodies and permanent dedication on introduction of standards into enterprises raising that way their competitiveness. Chamber Statute as highest constitutive act stipulates establishment of 13 sector-based Association Boards actively involved in performance of sectors they cover by following all the aspects of their functioning, proposing measures and conducting statistics, empirical and strategic analyses.

Chamber of Economy provides the necessary grounds for developing new education and training programs in accordance to type of knowledge and skills needed by business sector.

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro has important role in the field of foreign economic relations, as well as promoting investment opportunities.

Contact: Tamara Milunović Ivanović
T: +382 67 240 431
E: tmilunovic@pkcg.org

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is an independent professional business association promoting interests of enterprises, entrepreneurship and other forms of organizations involved in the economic activity on the territory of the Republic of Serbia bound by common business interests. Relying on experience, accepting euro continental type of chambers of commerce and respecting its own tradition, the Law on Chambers of Commerce regulates functioning of chambers of commerce in Serbia in the contemporary environment. All companies in Serbia are members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is a national leader in representing the general interests of economy and its needs. Its aim is to encourage the creation of strong competitive climate and legislature beneficial for profitability and growth of its members, to effectuate better business conditions for the businesses in Serbia regardless of their size and activity, to open international markets for them, to improve standard and contribute to the development of the Republic.

Contact: Đorđe Andrić
M: +381 66 87 51 263
E: djordje.andric@pks.rs

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